Ergonauts Talking About Life

I was in Yunnan once when traveling to Kunming a decade ago, but all I can remember was the great food there, haha. Hopefully I’ll remember the presence of your buddy and his adventures the next time I’m in Xian ^^

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You seem well traveled in China. Are you from Chinese ancestors?

Such a vast diaspora of Chinese around the world. In Malaysia I met Hokkien people who have lived there for 100 years. They still speak their language fluently and have maintained their native cuisine. Tasty :smiley:

Alas it seems that the smaller ethnic groups in China are slowly being Mandarain-ified. I hope that I am not too late to encounter untouched Akha people. So much culture, tradition and kinship is being lost with development and modernization. If I had it my way the Chinese government could keep their development to the eastern side of the country. I’d leave the hilltribes to themselves. No need for cell towers or trains.


Not as well traveled as I could have been if it weren’t for the sake of appeasing family members, but oh well. Can’t be everywhere everytime I’m taking care of grandparents.

Of a diaspora you speak while I’m reading an equally called and highly recommended book from Greg Egan, what a coincidence.

The government is making me increasingly worried over the years. So much identity has been…malformed for the sake of political agendas. I regularly engage in a dialogue with foreign students from China in university just to find out how persistent some have been indoctrinated. Sometimes, it sadly reminds me of the saying “Birds born in a cage think that flying is a crime.”, but maybe it’s just me with my concerns looking through the lens of Ergo’s ethos. I feel conflicted with what is going on around the world, unless we can change things for the better. Be it chinese minorities or the vastness of the human populace, no better way to preserve identity than on a blockchain, right?

Mayst thou thy peace discov’r, Sir bigoogawoogla.


Taking care of your grandparents?

Diaspora by Greg Egan, looks interesting. My favorite science fiction novels are Ender’s Game and Red Mars.

Be it chinese minorities or the vastness of the human populace, no better way to preserve identity than on a blockchain, right?

Hm. As an engineer I do like the permanence of the blockchain. It’s something that gives me confidence that effort isn’t wasted. When Ergo’s nodes update, nobody can stop that. Like an expanding toolkit for financial…something. Even if a solar flare wiped out the internet, so many people have Ergo full nodes running that it would be inevitable that the network comes back online.

I want to go and live a long life with those untouched people. Groups of humans living the same since the last ice age. To hell with development. To hell with modernity. Just simple and primal. Family, friends, food, and fire.



The kids are doing well. My oldest is in college, my middle child just got a learners permit (look out), and my youngest is wild and free. We homeschool.

Money, money, money. It’s what we need to live around here. The worst thing is that the money here is dominated by the powerful, and there is no equality, no way to save it from losing value. So we spend it, hopefully in the pursuit of being able to make more of it. Tools, land, education, health, protection. Spending on those things is good. But our food is either expensive or cheap poison. Our (primary) schools are a joke. Our health care system is designed to wring every dollar out of the unfortunate. Our kids are bombarded with pressure to acquire junk.

I would encourage you to diversify a bit, and not put all your savings into ERG. You gotta balance your risk assets with hard assets. But if you are going all in on the risk, this is the time in life to do it. And buying ERG is better than buying a new TV.

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What hard assets can I DCA into?

Ergo is a “Conservative Store-of-Value Proof-of-Work CryptoCurrency” I think this makes it a solid investment. Check out the common reasons crypto projects fail:

Ergo is resistant to rugpulls, logic errors, and infrastructure hacks. We had the bearwhale ecosystem exploit with SigmaUSD V1, but this was solved. The big issue I see with Ergo is that it has low marketing and liquidity. This is just a temporary state. A Coinbase or Kraken listing will solve this.

I’ve been meditating on the future I want. I’m sure you did the same, Gray. Homeschooling is evidence that you take an active role in your life. It sounds like you’ve got it figured out bro. You’re the patriarch of a nuclear family. I’m happy for you. I’m headed the same way by developing myself to be a suitable marriage partner.

Glad your family is doing alright :slight_smile:

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Well, gold is the obvious one. If I lived in Alaska I might take up the hobby of panning and river scouting. The problem with collecting bullion is that it is very expensive. But unlikely to lose over your lifetime.

Another possibility: AR magazines. Easy money when the hammer finally comes down.

And of course there is Bitcoin. I acknowledge all you said about ERG there, including the issues with liquidity and marketing. A 10 or 20% DCA into the king of crypto is probably a smart hedge within the space, at least for the next 5 years.

Family is first and foremost. The world needs more good people, and that takes good families.

I think you are on the right track, recognizing your true needs and potential. The hardest lesson is patience.

ETA: GPU’s! Fleabay is your friend. Mining is the best DCA if you got cheep electrical costs.

Also, ADA is worth a look, as another hedge in the space, with PoS done right.


Man, what a relief it has been to be in this ecosystem during the bull market.

I have staked ADA for a couple years. I came from Cardano to here. I sold most of my ADA for ERG because Cardano was too big and I wanted to join a smaller group.

My buddy is a ‘Hexican’ he locked up his money on HEX.COM for 1-15 years. I tried to explain Ergo to him and he told me “All that matters is pumpenomics”. That’s been inspiring me.


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Ask your Hexican friend why Richard Heart changed his twitter profile to avoid mentioning his scam coin!

Have you heard about the MyAlgo hack?

Lord… disturbing to say the least. Very undiscriminating folks there.

I am enjoying the bear market too. We are sitting on a gold mine.

Did you get a GPU and start mining yet?

Check it: radeon vii for sale | eBay

Prices have fallen drastically for an efficient option.

I hear the new Intel GPU’s are pretty good at mining Erg too.

This is the afterlife. You are reincarnated. Follow your heart.


:slight_smile: Yes, sir. We are in a dream. Life is just a video game. The only thing that matters is the connections we form with each other (and POW blockchain). Did you follow your dreams? Are you happy with your marriage?

MyAlgo is a worst nightmare.

I really should get a rig going. Do my part as an Ergonaut. I’ve also been looking at a place with cheap electricity (<0.07/kwh). Might be a good business venture for when I taking ERG profits later.

I’m so focused on min-maxing money. Finding the intersection where low risk meets high reward. Thinking about money, I drove myself to a migraine yesterday and had to come to work late today. I was trying to understand the pumpenomics of ERG. I’m stingy with this money I’m working so hard for. I wanted to make sure ERG is what I want to dedicate so many hours of my time to.

I think ERG is a great option. From a pumpenomics perspective, it the same value proposition as BTC. Rapid emissions to drive early adoption. Maximum supply. Roughly March 2026, ERG emissions will drop to 3 ERG, currently 42. 93% reduction in inflation.

Out her mining fiat. Gotta mine some ERG soon.


I’m very happy in my marriage.

But I didn’t follow my dreams when I was younger.

I got to a trilemma, and had to choose two. So I chose my wife and business.

I may yet go back to physics though, on my own terms.

Don’t stress too much about money, I would say. Prices are falling now, but it won’t bottom out until the real markets crash, blood in the streets up to your ankles. I wouldn’t try to time it, I’d just wait for it to happen.


Agree just need someone to, “Remember us…Remember…That we lived”

Zankyou No Terror OST - Von (Kayou. Remix) - YouTube.


@Grayman Much kudos and respect to you for being happy in your marriage. That’s a sign of a life actively lived. Growing up I was taught by disney movies and pop culture that being in a relationship you are happy in is something that “accidently” happens. Like you stumble into somebody in a hallway, fall in love, and it just works out. From what I’ve seen and experienced, things don’t just “work out”. It requires effort to be successful in any relationship. Again, kudos to you for being happily married. I’ve worked around people who’ve chosen the physics route. Some of them end up finding a partner with a similar passion, and others end up balding and alone in a lab.

@RealisticClock Thanks for sharing the music, brother. Do you have someone that will remember you?

Clock, your music has me reminiscing :relieved: Me and girl I met at the beach. A night of making love and the end of a depression. A reminder to seek comfort in people.


@RealisticClock Thanks for sharing the music, brother. Do you have someone that will remember you?

im family oriented so id just leave it at my family. Maybe one day though ill start my own who will remember me once im gone.

One could only dream

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Yes, it takes a lot of effort to make a marriage work. My wife is amazing, but sometimes very annoying. That passes, and what is left is the big picture: she is my counterbalance, and my home.

Honestly, I am the one that is harder to deal with, and she is the reasonable one - even thoughg she is a redhead… People always say that redheads are like revolvers.: “You’ll find it easier to be bad than good if you have red hair.” - But she has a heart of gold, and I am a Western soul: closer to the land of the dead. She is the principal and primary instructor at our homeschool.

Just went on a trip in Mongo to Cumberland Island: Cumberland Island National Seashore (U.S. National Park Service). We got to see the ruins of the mansion that the Carnegie’s built and enjoyed before it burned to the ground and they donated their 90% ownership of the island to the Feds to make it into a national park.

We also got to see Fort Clinch, which has an interesting history. I enjoyed talking to aen elderly black man from the area that informed me why they never built the planned officer’s quarters inside the walls: lack of bricks, which the Yankee’s would have needed to transport by sea, given that the Georgian authorities were not willing to help them reinforce. Sea vs. Land… still relevant to all of our geopolitics today. Asia vs. the world. Asia at a considerable disadvantage in the world of ideas and mobility, but at considerable advantage in terms of resources and productive capacity.

We need an external enemy to get past this bickering. Reagan saw it… we need to think as a team, but we see it all as a Zero-Sum Game. And I hate Ronald Reagan, in spite of his successes, and because of his moral failings.

Anyway, life is good. I love the freedom that I enjoy. I love the life I have been granted. I am not whole, not satisfied… but I am seeking, hungry, and in awe of the majesty of creation, flaws included. There is no way to get through life except to accept it.

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I’m looking at various 22lr revolvers currently, and leaning to the Brazilians. In stainless, the 942 is a good SHTF gun. In non-SHTF, it is a good training gun. Either way, I’ll assume the trigger needs work, but apparently the standard US providers are short shrift on their old-school mechanisms.

The world seems to be reaching a decision point on the dollar, as well as various other considerations. But the dollar is the main one. This will take more than a few weeks to sort out, and if you are a conspiratorial sort (or trader emotion focused), the timing is right for a reset in assets compared to the dollar, to wreck the shorts and bring the pain to the adversary.

I look around me and I see the strength and slack in this system. Others call it weakness, and it is in terms of preparedness… but as they say, the bigger they are the harder they fall. Let’s not forget about the bigger part.

I listened to an interesting discussion about Palmyra today. I am much more interested in an Ergo/Cardano based commodity trading, and other real-fi projects, compared to DEX’s and trading one crypto for another. Both are important though.