Revival of ergo forum

Good day to everyone, creating this post to strategies ways of community building around ERGO ECOSYSTEM

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I would like to see broader community engagement on the ErgoForum. I think most traffic is already on discord, reddit, and twitter…


Currently trying to get it linked up to auto-post to reddit/chats to do the same.


So post from Reddit will appear here or is it the other way around??

Other way round, research and dev to r/ergodevelopers. mining to r/erg_miners, etc.


Apart from that is their any plans 4 regiomal community building and marketing??

there are regional chats within discord and telegram. I guess it would be up to the communities within each chat to come up with community building and marketing opportunities. Take for example the French telegram community:

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1)Which regional communities exist
2) what is the analysis of their community growth
3) what activities do they do per month to improve the ecosystem
4) what online or offline meetups, seminars, events, Hackernoon have they attended or hosted
5) what is tje over all growth??

Can only provide a list of the regional communities from the discord side:

Have to admit most chats are empty (no messages).

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This is very terrible, meaning regional groups are formed with no functionality.

I wish we can employ what some L1 and L2s are doing example NEAR , POLYGON etc

Ya the regional communities are all grassroots. No micro managing, people mainly come and go and would really have to take the initiative on their own accord to grow their respective communities.

You can kind of put this into the debates of the pros/cons to centralized vs decentralized.

What would you be referring to when you say the L1s and 2 employ. Any specific examples? Maybe we can find ways to implement them.

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Am a contributor to one of the Regional guilds of NEAR-PROTOCOL.
What they did was simple yet effective.
They gave an open hand to contributors to form teams. This teams represented either Regions, states or projects.

This team will first introduce themselves and tje community will ask questions on the gov forum.

Second the team writes a proposal containing a roadmap for the month which will include activities for marketing, community building, education and other activities and right a feasible budget for it. The marketing dao or community dao council members scrutinise the proposal and can eith approve or reject the proposal.

Same thing with celo, Harmony one, AURORA etc. This as made sure Regions grow at their own pace

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I could be wrong but the difference I see is funding for community building and marketing. For example from what you’ve mentioned:

the team writes a proposal containing a roadmap for the month which will include activities for marketing, community building, education and other activities and right a feasible budget for it.

Hypothetically if a team got rejected, why not still act out their roadmap, whats stopping them.

Right now for Ergo its all people who market and even develop on their own will.

There is the Sigmanauts program: The Sigmanauts Program | Ergo Platform which can maybe provide structure. But see here for example: or even the ergo raffle. It’s mostly just crowd funding and grassroot efforts.

I can see though, as we continue to build and grow (paideia, ergoteams), marketing/community dao’s forming and that can provide the more structure as you have mentioned.


do you think the NEAR-PROTOCOL method could be feasible currently within the Ergo ecosystem?

Gone through, this seems to be an old method yet, growth is still at this level, just my say.

The whole idea of a governance forum is to coordinate things and make things transparent.

I still feel marketing should be community specific more than drawing traction via social media which can be manipulated.

NEAR has showed that a well regulated activities can promote growth.

In relation to roadmap, many were rejected because of either unrealistic roadmap or extravagant budget. So it is the duty of council members to weight task and make sure the regional team as both the manpower and financial resources to exercute

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Yep, if the community is ready to cooperate and people are intentional about growth

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Here are the projects building that could help structurally for community/marketing daos: Paideia | DAO Toolkit (going to include the video which seems demonstrates the project much like what you may be talking about with a governance forum: Paideia #2 | A closer look at the DAO management panel on Paideia - YouTube) & Self-maintained open-source development.

I do believe many of the sigmanuts are ready to and able to cooperate but probably are not aware of the NEAR style regulated activities such like I wasn’t.


This is awesome, similar to astro dao on the NEAR ECOSYSTEM.

To just highlight some points

  1. Decision of approval or rejection were made open on the forum not cast as a vote on the dao because everyone wanted 100% transparency
  2. The marketing dao and all other major dao were sponsored directly from the NEAR FOUNDATION
  3. To stress on the point of decentralization, council members were in odd numbers not even numbers with half of this council members from the core team the other half were from the general community. Over time it was under the community control.
  4. As time goes on the marketing/community dao became more specialise to include creative dao, marketing dao, ecosystem dao, grants dao, onboarding dao etc.
  5. Over time Regional guild/team adopted the dao system to improve their functional

In relation to this we can experiment some functions from this communities to be a fully functional independent either community or product focused teams

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Hey, this sounds similar to the Sigmanauts programme mentioned above and what we have planned. Currently building up this structure. You can participate in community discussions around marketing on the community-based marketing telegram or the #marketing channel on Discord. (Messages are bridged between so either is fine)

We have several thriving regional communities which have their own space on where they link resources, translations, and links to their chats. People can claim bounties for translations, but this is mostly self-organising at the moment. (Sigmanaut programme will build this up).

ERG already has a massive focus on decentralisation, with the foundation and most of the core team being composed of community members; but the Sigmanauts programme aims to shift the power to the community completely in a robust (repeatable) structure.