Extreme Profit Drops

Evening fellow miners,

I just wanted to open a discussion around the drop in profit I’ve experienced over the last month or so. Its quite frustrating as it’s almost halved since the start of September.

Could I ask what is causing this?

I’d rather not switch, as I really like ERGO as a concept, and I would love to continue to support it, but current difficulty rates are making me question things.



Same questions, I’ve already switch to rvn but I prefer ergo too…

Ergo is so “cold” compared to RVN or ETH. I like mining it. I also see a huge drop. I hope, the price will soon go above 15USD again. What do you think? Why is this happening? I mean the price drop of ERG?

What do you think of ETH2? I think, a lot of miners will change to ERG (and RVN of course). The global hash rate will spike and of course the difficulty will go up but I hope the price will increase then because of the big boost in popularity. I hope the price-rise will exceed the difficulty-rise!

yeah price has been trending down. i switched back to eth for now since im just selling as i mine. im hoping once eth mining goes away maybe ergo mining will improve.