Ergo Do Not Be Shy


I am new on the forum but reading about Ergo for few months. I also had few chats with kushti and mx back in 2014-15, and I believe we were and still are on the same page. I am also an old Bitcoiner, mined ~500 bitcoins in 2010 with GPUs. I am still a big proponent of magic internet p2p money, but Bitcoin became way too boring with its blocksize civil war, Blockstream and so on.

I think I’ve found my long awaited ideal in Ergo:

  • Digital gold
  • Programmable money with effectively no limits
  • Solid fundamentals and no empty promises. Ergo is not a tps shitcoin neither “do smart contracts in Javascript / C++” insane marketing crap
  • Emission. kushti once said in TG that emission during first two years is too high likely. I think that the emission is just right from the perspective of storage rent based economy, tokens must flow around now, motivate people make them useful, so to do applications which will create more data on the chain means more mining income in future.
  • Better privacy, sigma protocols
  • Generic protocol with privacy tools, oracles and stablecoins as applications on top of it, that’s much better than Haven or Beam or other bold protocols.

Now, what’s needed (just two cents of mine for sure):

  • More wallets, with the specific economic model users should be motivated to keep in wallets.
  • More promotion among old Bitcoiners (like me), cypherpunks, developers. Anons already doing amazing job, we need more of them.
  • Make mining more transparent and accessible.
  • I love Ergo because core folks here do not hesitate to call ergs money. Do not be shy and go against current terrible DeFi flow with the true programmable money by showing applications and also finding and promoting a right attitude.

I see that many folks are asking for Binance. After analyzing orderbooks for awhile I think even Coinex is okay for couple of months, wallets are more important now. After Yoroi a big exchange will change a lot, Ergo will be in $1-2 range. Eventually Ergo explosion is predefined.

I am thinking how can I help the Ergo community. If you have any ideas please let me know.


Defi is a hard nut to crack. How can a system take a certain number of people from a sidelined investor and transform them into an actor a network?

The last revolution in finance before crypto was ecommerce. Yes, it is highly centralized with monolithic companies dominating, but there are many small actors who’s experiences I think offer a lot of insight.

It took a while to develop to tooling so that the average shopkeeper/small business could run their own front end. It had to go from highly complex to simple.

Ergo playground is a wonderful sandbox to play around in. This is foundational. The ergo foundation playing here is critical because composability is free. FREE.

From there it’s up to the community, to build and deploy.

I think the next logical step is to start building a CMS or perhaps 2. One for developer’s, one for the average human.

A user friendly headless dapp CMS like Ergo Strapi for developers.

Then a front end user focused CMS with the end goal/challenge being the average actor (like the shopkeeper/small business)(anyone from the telegram channel) can not just bootstrap a node, mine, but can play with various aspects of ergo on a visual cms. Setup an oracle as an example.

I’m talking a hippie with low IT skills being able to set up a local exchange trading system for his gardening network, simple visual cms.

When the average user can not just have their ergo swiss bank account, but can functionally have the tooling to be the bank, than ergo is ready for a defi revolution.

This seems to be one of the main benefits of pooling so far. It acts a low barrier to entry way for users to mine. As ergo develops this education and onboarding of users I believe will be critical to defi success.

Documentation, tutorials, built around the cms would be great pr and encourage the active ergo community.

I think it’s a project the community should consider setting up a ZK treasury to fund development.

If it is started simple iterated and improved something like that long term could be amazing.

Which one of the anon’s around here has the skillset? It’s not me :man_shrugging::joy: How much would something this cost?

If its feasible and the cms is called nautilus :joy: I’ll be the first to donate to a new zk treasury.

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I think the first step would be to create a visual ui for the ergo playground, with a visual library of compostable tools.

Perhaps at some point long term a content management system that can be deployed bootstrapped on top of a full node with a similar visual ui for common users.

If there is community interest in joint funding I will pledge 5k ergs to a zktreasury with this ui/cms focus.

I think the Marlowe playground is a good example of an onboarding tool for devs.

Long term with documentation, tutorials and community this type of block visual tooling could lead to the adoption of general defi users.