Ergonauts Talking About Life

This is a thread for Ergonauts to catch up with each other. Any topic is accepted including Ergonaut drama (cough COMET), the cryptosphere, personal life, mining, etc.

I want a place for like-minded people to have friendly (or not-so-friendly) chats.

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@Grayman How have you been? Have you added more GPUs to your farm?


Not really. I bought a Vii and a couple of Vegas and they have been gathering dust for a bit. I’ll get them into the new rig at some point…

Life has been crazy busy: somewhat rewarding, but totally scattered, smothered, covered, and chunked.

I’m keeping a lazy eye on all the market drama as Ethereum approaches the “merge” and Cardano approaches the Vasil hard fork. Ethereans trying to implement a deliberately centralized, custodial staking system, with high fees and demonstrated weakness in the face of censorship and sanctions.

How are you? Still on the other side of the globe?


I like that the masks are there on some, but not on others. And such a range of ages.

Will you stay there long, or will you keep moving?

I have 16 GPU’s. If I get many more, I’ll need to put more careful thought into my electrical arrangements and cooling. I’m waiting until after the Ethereum miner diaspora settles down to decide how to play it. Not sure I want to be a pro-miner… more of a hobbyist.


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16 GPUs is already pro-miner status for some people. If you were selling daily, would you be running a profit at the moment? There’s a local ETH miner here, but I don’t know how he’s in profit at $0.25/kWh… Unless he’s getting free electricity.

Ah yes, the masks. Cambodia has a low usage rate compared to other SE Asia countries. That’s part of the reason I am going to stay here and not keep moving.

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I always reach out to new clients by admitting that I don’t know what I’m doing. I am never a pro, because I would get bored before that happens. If they want an engineer, they should pony up the cash and hire one. If they want a quick solution, I’m the guy.

I am, however, an old hand with an old soul. Keeping a few gpu’s running is no big deal, and I can do it while juggling my many other pursuits. I don’t have the time to focus on optimizing the system. I think I mentioned that I have kids that eat like goats, and I have many other interests besides Ergo.

As for profitability, yes if I externalize the costs. They are profitable in terms of cashflow per energy consumed. But I am beginning to suspect that we are about to witness a massive wailing and gnashing of teeth in the mining industry. Another reason I avoid going pro.

I chose to bet $10k on crypto about a year ago. I mostly bought mining equipment over several months, sniping “bargains” instead of just buying coins. I started in earnest in January of this year, I guess, after the holidays. I am definitely not profitable overall, nevermind the electricity costs. But I don’t care about the dollars. That money is gone, and now I am in the game it payed for. That is what separates speculative investments from actual work.

If I wanted to work on Ergo, I would pick up a shovel and do the real job. But I can’t yet do that, so I do what I can. I look at the GPU’s as very productive employees that require almost no direction or correction.

I have been to Pakistan, but never east of that. I too am curtailing my travels due to the tensions in the world, including covid. The current is very swift now.



Check it out, looks like the Russians are taking over after the merge:

Yowsers, that’s a lot of hashrate. This is awesome.


Difficulty just spiked to 16PH, and I am now losing money. Yay!
I got a line on some cheap watts though… time to up my game.

I’m thinking a lot of the new miners are gonna be converting straight to bitcoin via 2miners, and that will exert downward price pressure unless the house there decides to hodl erg at the expense of btc. Today was a down day, and I am eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s price action and community banter on reddit and twitter.

What a time. Thanks Vitalik.