Nice forum and great job setting this up

This is a nice forum. It appears similar to the Grin forum, which is a great forum and a great project as well. It will be interesting to watch this, and the Ergo platform, grow.

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Thanks! Yes, the same forum solution as used for Grin forum (and Ethereum too, btw). I’m going to fill this forum with posts and proposals.

I think, if you change the font color of the category description (and how many posts there are) on the start page of the forum to white, then it is easier to read with not much effort. :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions! Will try to make proposed fixes over the weekend.

Would be great to have clickable links made more obvious too. Thanks!

Edit: actually, this is more directed at the “Latte” theme where I can’t really tell what is a link. The light theme is much easier for me.

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Thanks for the suggestions! As I’m totally stupid about things like design, and it was only me who set it up, many things need to be improved. Our frontend guy now starting to improve forum’s outlook.

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