Channel saturation & alternative routes

While Twitter, Reddit, etc have been great for pulling people in. I’m creating this post to get input into other, untouched areas we could dedicate some focus towards.

Logging back into my old account, there’s a decent amount of activity and users building up. Many of them are software developers, business leaders or other professionals who are still engageable without the noise of the hundreds of millions of users on Twitter drowning any good-faith discussion out generally. Think this could be a valuable way to reach people. Some things are still a bit clunky on mastodon (ie, search), but I’ll create a Mastodon Strategy post in Marketing Guides with my findings.

In keeping with the Fediverse, we also have a matrix space it would be good to build up so that the cyberpunks stop laughing at us for using Discord and Telegram.

Any input or alternative communities you think we should be paying attention to let us know!


Others sites I know of are facebook, I think Jennie runs the instagram, and tiktok which minow runs. Any of these platforms are a possibility.


Yeah good shout, there’s a few related groups on Facebook.

We have the official facebook page. I just set this up and got it to repost the ergo twitter (now @Sigmanauts). Nothing huge but built up a couple hundred followers. That page is linked to this private group.

It seems someone has started a private Ergo Investors group too (84 members).

Then we have the public groups

Most of them lack direction/management. Would be good to consolidate what we can and get some people who are active on FB to moderate it.

Some more alternative routes

  • Forums (mining forums, bitcoinforum, etc).
  • Regional channels

I have talked about ways by which ergo can improve its community building and marketing building. It will be better yo have Regional teams who will create community activities, marketing, business development and others including physical and online events that is unique to their regions.

Second this groups write out proposals which will be vetted by for now the core team from ERGO FOUNDATION in times to come we need a community dao that have 5 members or more who are efficient in measuring output of this groups this council members will be changed every 6 months to 1 hrand will have to be reelected by the community

Like i said our regional channels have to be more decentralized, i have participated heavily in the community building of Nearprotocol in Nigeria, Octopus Network in Africa and Aurora in Nigeria, the simple thing is to let regions grow their communities

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I hear you and I think that you should regard this arena as a labyrinth!
Nobody is in charge here, sir!

This is very different from your experience with blockchains that had investment backing, because they would latch onto any hand held out to reach them.

Ergo cannot work that way, any more than bitcoin can. There is no marketing department, responsible for filing TPS reports.

But you are still here.
I love it.

Let’s talk about Nigeria and crypto here. I am interested and willing. Tell me.

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Ok sir, i understand, in what area should i discuss in relation to Nigeria and blockchain

Is the focus there mostly on Bitcoin, or has the market really expanded into alt coins?

What is it about Ergo in particular that draws your attention?


Nigeria currently apart from it holding highest number of P2P transactions, it houses the currently powerhouse in terms of technological startups on blockchain, including firms like mira, boundlessspay etc.

When i first saw that Ergo plan was to power the future of Finance, i laughed because many protocols promised that but when i saw this
Ergo is creating a platform that ensures the economic freedom of ordinary people through secure, accessible, and decentralized financial tools, i decided to dig in more.

I was surprised to see that there was no initial coin offering, no pre-mine and no pre-allocation of tokens to any team members or venture capitalists. I saw that the vision of the founders wasn’t to make money but to change the narrative of finance.

Looked at Ergo powerful tools with smart contract-powered microcredit facilities and Local Exchange Trading Systems. Also its privacy protocols ErgoScript and flexible and powerful Zero-Knowledge proofs. I asked one of my RUST DEVS and he told me thar Ergo programming language is solid


Excellent. Are you interested in leveraging the Ergo Platform to make business? Have you checked out ZenGate?

What about others, like your dev colleagues? Are they working on projects outside of crypto, or are they working on competing blockchains?

I assume that it is like here: maybe 5% of society is interested enough to even make a p2p payment. But maybe it is more… what do folks there think about Cardano?