Yoroi support staff, where are you?

Are there any in this forum?

I am looking for some Yoroi help as well.
Deposited for the first time two days ago and my funds are no were to be seen.
Confirmed transaction on the blockchain.

I have the same issue! Sent some funds from Kucoin to Yoroi three days ago and they still have not arrived in the wallet. I have 2955 confirmations. What shoud I do? Wrote to Yoroi support couple of days ago but no answer! Very disgraceful!!!

It would appear Yoroi staff aren’t bothered what anyone has lost.

I have 2 payments from WoolyPooly acknowledged in the blockchain. After nearly three weeks they have not appeared in my Yoroi wallet. Plus I cannot move my coins to my new wallet, it just stays as ‘submitted’. Resyncing doesn’t change anything.

Check out the other wallets: GetErg | Ergo Platform

Yoroi gives a lot of people issues and so it is not used that widely anymore within the ergo ecosystem.

Finally received some info from Yoroi Support
They simply stated:

Currently, Yoroi is having an issue with Ergo infrastructure, which is causing sync issues and balance discrepancies between the network and the local Yoroi wallet. Our engineers are constantly working on fixing this issue, however, we required input from Ergo team which made the process delayed.

As soon as the issue is addressed, we will notify our users on our official channel i.e Twitter. We apologize for the inconvenience, for now, as an alternative, you can temporarily use the Ergo Native wallet if you need to make an immediate transaction, your funds are saved on the Ergo blockchain network, so the sync issue in Yoroi will not affect your funds or the ability to receive funds, you can always check the correct balance on Ergo Explorer using your receiving address.

If you can see a transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, then please rest assured that as soon as the sync issue from Yoroi is fixed, the right balance and transaction will appear in Yoroi

Well I posted the response I received from Yoroi in this thread, but the response seems to be hidden for now…
Not sure why?