Transferring ERG to Yoroi


I transferred some ERG to Yoroi last night from Kucoin. The transaction took place around 10:20 pm Central time. When I check the transaction on the Ergo blockchain, it says there are 550+ confirmations. However, no ERG has showed up in my Yoroi wallet and I do not see any pending incoming transactions. Has anyone else had a similar issue or know what I can to do to get this figured out??

Sync has not been done since May 6th.

Why is that??

Get off Yoroi as soon as you can. So many issues currently, plus missing coins.

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I just transferred to yoroi for the first time as well two days ago and have not received my coins.

Any solutions?

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If you have the keys go restore the Yoroi wallet using one of these below.

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oh~~~ thanks

I solved it~~~ Nautilus Wallet 0.3.6