Kucoin payout on Yoroi

The day before yesterday I wanted to send my coins from KuCoin to my Yoroi Wallet around 3pm.
But the coins did not arrive.
KuCoin says that the transaction has been processed.
When I wanted to check the transaction number in Ergoscan the 1st image popped up.

2 minutes later came the error message. (PICTURE2)

my Yoroi address is correct. I also use Yoroi for Cardano, this was not my 1st transaction. Has anyone had the same problem the day before yesterday? And what can I do? The coins are going on the wallet nor at Kucoin.

Today Kucoin also writes on their page if you want to make a withdrawal that on the ERGO NODE maintenance work is taking place.

Greetings from Germany, hope you understand my English


Hang tight sometimes it can take multiple confirmations in KuCoin and sites like Gate.io and other exchanges like them sometimes up-to 100 confirmations. Once your transaction is confirmed in the block you should see your ERG in Yoroi. Don’t worry it can sometimes take anything from 30 mins up-to 4 hours in these exchanges. It looks like from the screenshots that the full block was not confirmed by miners yet and will likely be confirmed soon.

KuCoin is under maintenance right now, they’re working on a fix.

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Its 4 Days ago. There is nothing heppend….

Today its in my wallet, after 5 days. WTF…

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