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Hi, I opened a wallet to deposit coins purchased on tradeorge. as is my custom I only moved 5 coins to make sure I understood everything and the new wallet worked. I was able to deposit the 5 coins about a week ago but could not “send” the coins back. The “History” had a wheel that just kept spinning. I would try now and again and had to reiner the 12 words to restor the wallet and the wheel was still spinning at the “history”. Now today I can not even restore the wallet, after entering the 12 words my only option is “cancel” which takes me back too the start page. Any thoughts?

I have an issue with yoroi wallet. I cant see my balance and staking rewards, the red sign appears saying that server connection failed. I messaged yoroi support team and they replied only 6 days later telling me to resync my wallet. Ok, I did it but it doesnt resync and nothing changed. What should I do? My yoroi wallet connected to my hardware.

Hi i keep getting this Could not send transaction

Error executing API request to failed to connect to / (port 9053) from / (port 49329) after 10000ms

If the problem persists, change the Ergo Node URL (Settings - Expert settings) and try again.
But why is this happening!