Yoroi wallet shows synced but ergo missing

yoroi wallet has been working fine for me the last 3 weeks, today a transaction has been sent to it from mining and its not appearing in the wallet, even in though in the ergo explorer it shows this wallet should have a different balance.

i’ve tried re-syncing, re-installing the addin, using edge instead of chome, still can’t get it to come through.

not sure what the issue is. sorry if this is a report i searched the forum for an answer and can’t find anything.

I’m having the exact same issue! If anyone can enlighten us then please go ahead!

Having the same issue. Ergo was sent over from a pool around 12H ago, and the transaction was confirmed, however Yoroi is showing balance as 0.00

Having the same issue…bought some ERG on CoinEx last night and sent to my newly-created ERG wallet in Yoroi, but it hasn’t been received. I tried re-synching the wallet with the blockchain. I can see the transaction was confirmed on the Ergo site, just not showing up in Yoroi.

Same issue here. wallet stopped reflecting current balance as of yesterday at 4am EST. I’ve successfully sent the balance to CoinEx (and confirmed there), but Yoroi wallet (Chrome) isn’t updating balance from that withdrawal or from incoming mining payments. Tried resyncinc, removing and restoring. Nothing works.

Identical issue here. Transaction shows complete on exchange and to the best of my knowledge on Ergo explorer. Yoroi balance shows nothing.

exactly the same for me. i sent an amount 20 hours ago from kucoin, checked the wallet address history, the amount is confirmed but not added into yoroi even after sync.

has anyone got to the bottom of this yet?

Aconteceu comigo também, ontem e estou buscando ajuda, ontem cheguei a visualizar o saldo na Yoroi, mas hoje estava zerado e uma mensagem no Status “FALHOU”. O que pode estar acontecendo?

wallet finally updated with correct balance just now… not sure why, but glad it finally refreshed

All good, my transfer appeared :slight_smile:

Funds are now displaying correctly within Yoroi. :+1: