Yoroi ergo is not syncronizing

Hi, there. I tryed to syncronize my yoroi ergo. It is working for more than 6 hours and did not finish. Does somebody help? Thanks.

hello i have same problem the wallet doesn’t want synchronize with block chain

Check out the other wallets: GetErg | Ergo Platform

Yoroi gives a lot of people issues and so it is not used that widely anymore within the ergo ecosystem.

yes but i need to solve it. Have 600 ergo on yoroi Oo and can’t use it.

You don’t hold on Yoroi. You hold Ergo in your wallet address. You use Yoroi and others to view/interact with your wallet. Try this out, download any of the other wallets, such as nautilus and restore (enter your seed phrase) into the restore wallet section. You should then be able to view/use the wallet with your 600 ergo.

Also as a side note, dont mention how much ergo you have online