Test Release of DApp Connector

Published by Sebastien from Emurgo on the discord:

"dApp connector test build is released!

To use, follow these steps

  1. Download Yoroi Nightly (public test build of Yoroi. See link below)
  2. Download Yoroi dApp Connector Nightly (public test build of Yoroi. See link below)
  3. Create at least 1 Ergo wallet in Yoroi
  4. Connect to a dApp that implements EIP-12 ( EIP-0012 - dApp-Wallet Web Bridge by rooooooooob 路 Pull Request #23 路 ergoplatform/eips 路 GitHub )


Hopefully there are no bugs. If any dApp finds an issue during integration or has any suggestion for changes, let me know!

Yoroi extension test build: Yoroi Nightly - Chrome Web Store
dApp connector test build: Yoroi-Ergo dApp Connector Nightly - Chrome Web Store "


please add support in sigma-USD

I鈥檝e had Yoroi wallet for an age - working fine. I just installed the Dapp Connector. Clicking on the extension icon does nothing & and on ergodex - connect wallet, the yoroi button does nothing.

Maybe having alot of wallets is causing an issue.

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did you install 鈥測oroi nightly鈥? Dapp connector is not supported with regular Yoroi version yet.


When I swap for Sig in ErgoDex (Yoroi Nightly connected and shows correct balance) it seems to get stuck in Waiting for confirmation

Edit: I found that I do not have to install the 鈥淵oroi-Ergo dapp Connectior Nightly鈥, however please update the site :slight_smile: Thanks

Original message:
Hi guys. I just installed Yoroi Nightly and trying to install the DApp Connector as well, however the link from ergoplaform.org it not working (404 Error in chrome extensions site)鈥 Anyone knows from where I can download Yoroi-Ergo dApp Connector Nightly?

Link from: ErgoDEX Beta - Everything you need to know | Ergo