Payout not showing up in Yoroi Wallet

I mined ERG through Hive OS a year ago and received 10 ERG to my Yoroi Wallet. I have since decided to begin mining ERG again to the same wallet.

The pool says it has paid 4 ERG to the wallet but it hasn’t shown up in my wallet yet. Do I just need to wait longer?

I’ve been having difficulties with the Yoroi wallet as well…
Seems communication between Yoroi and Ergo dev team is lacking ??
Not sure?? But whatever it is… it makes me feel nervous to use crypto currency as a savings fund for my future…

With my coins sitting in limbo, no communication and no avenue for recourse the whole situation makes me feel uneasy

Check out the other wallets: GetErg | Ergo Platform

Yoroi gives a lot of people issues and so it is not used that widely anymore within the ergo ecosystem.

Yoroi wallet also gives issues to people on the Cardano side as well. Its not up to Ergo and Cardano to fix Yoroi’s product as its a decentralized network.

A lot of people have tried to reachout to the Yoroi team but unsuccessfully. Not going to speculate why. Check out all the wallets shown on the ergo website GetErg | Ergo Platform and notice how Yoroi is not shown there.

The wallets shown there have active communities/devs who are much more readily accessible.

All we can do now is advise every person who uses Yoroi wallet to use another wallet as it seems to give them all issues.

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Yoroi is a dead wallet. Restore your seed phrase in another wallet like Nautilus, Ergo mobile wallet, or SAFEW

Please spread the word. The community has been trying to make this clear for around a year now. There are PSAs everywhere saying not to use Yoroi, but this still comes up several times a day.

Ditch Yoroi if you’re also using it for Cardano. I recommed Eternl, but there are many options, all better than Yoroi

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Hello, same problem
Transaction from Hotbit to Yoroi confirmed.
No balance in Yoroi, even after reinstallation (Yoroi Windows) !!
What’s next?

Please see above messages and please try any other wallet.

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