Transaction failed messages popping in and out on my chrome extension

For days now, I am noticing on my Yori wallet that “transaction failed” messages are appearing on deposits even after days after a deposit successfully appears into the wallet. At the same time my Android wallet has trouble syncing.
What is going on please ??

Yoroi wallet causes plenty of issues for lots of people. Please check out the other ergo wallets GetErg | Ergo Platform. i recommend you use of them instead of Yoroi.

In regards to the android wallet, you should reach out to MrStahlfelge on reddit or discord and he may be able to assist you with the Android wallet as he would be the creater.


Thanks, I decided to go back to the Dealus for now, I almost wonder if this is on purpose to drive everyone off the wallet as they clearly seem disinterested in fixing it.

This is the ErgoForum and ERG isn’t compatible with Daedalus… Maybe you’re needing Cardano support?

And although you can “use” Yoroi for Ergo, it’s borderline unusable for most.