Yoroi 4.10.0 update requests new permission to "Access data for all websites"


during the update to the latest version 4.10.0 of the Yoroi Firefox extension, a warning shows up that Yoroi now requests permission to “Access your data for all websites”.

Can you please explain why this permission is necessary with this version?



dApp Connectors need to identify (read) and inject (modify) a small block of code in opened web pages.

Thanks, but can you explain a bit more what this code injected into opened web pages does?

Why is this necessary now, when it obviously was not necessary in previous versions?

I hope you understand that it is a bit concerning, when an extension wants full access to all web pages you open in your browser.

Hi. Good question. Using one Browser with Yoroi only for Crypto Stuff is my workaround also for Metamask. Chrome/ Brave only for Crypto.


I am new here, just registered to see if someone can explain why Yoroi is not connecting to Ergodex. Or it is something not yet done. Are we waiting for something? I wanted to use my CNeta to get Ergo

Please open a new thread for your question. This thread is about something entirely different.

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I would also like an answer to this question. I have not approved the new permissions since it’s asked for it and will likely be switching to a completely different wallet because of this. There’s honestly no answer to this question that I would accept as reasonable.

So I guess the question I would ask is this: Is this something that will be changed back in the future or do I need to find a new wallet?

dApp Connectors need to identify (read) and inject (modify) a small block of code in opened web pages.

There is an open-source communication protocol for dapp connectors to request websites to see if it can connect when the wallet is open.

For best security practices use a dedicated browser for browser-based wallets and another browser for internet activities.