Deposit Ergo to yoroi

Hi , is it possible to deposit Ergo on yoroi ?

Yes, use Yoroi browser extension for that

Hi, I pasted the ERG receiving address from the Yoroi wallet and the sender said the address was invalid.
The sender was Changelly.
Can you help me and clarify?

Is address starting with 9 ? Please check for extra spaces also.

Yes, the address starts with 9. I contacted Changelly. They didn’t know why it was invalid.
Anyway, I generated a new address on Yoroi and this time it worked. Thanks. No more problems.


Don’t deposit your ERGO into a Yoroi browser extension wallet. It seems to be a black hole that unfortunately isn’t supported by even Yoroi themselves.

My browser extension crashed, and when I tried to reload my wallet from the mnemonic phrase, it finds it but then goes to a white screen and crashes instead of restoring my funds.

I tried on two different macs and on Windows, using Chrome, Brave, Edge, it didn’t matter which browser or platform. Yoroi consistently chokes on its own recovery phrase, spikes my processor to 100% utilization on all cores, and crashes 30 seconds later.

The Yoroi iOS application doesn’t understand or recognize the fifteen word mnemonic phrase that the browser extension generates, so you can’t restore it that way either.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my funds out of a Yoroi wallet for a month now, and no-one from the developer responded to my questions on how to do so. I think I lost 722 ERG because of this shit wallet.


What wallet would you recommend cold wallet or a mobile wallet ? I am currently using Yoroi and reading about many issues I’ve not faced any myself with Yoroi but I’ve not been a heavy user.