RX 580 settings

Hi All

This is the first time i’ve tried mining an Autolykos algo. Was just wandering if people would be willing to share some pointers?

Is the algo memory intensive like ETH? or more core heavy?

Also is it worth applied better timings? I have mined a few different coins before so am familiar with overclocking/ undervolting and updating memory timings.

Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, what configuration did you use? I started argo mining now. What hashrate does the rx580 get?

Timings help a lot. i went from 55 ish MH/s to 67-68 MH/s on some RX570’s. On an old R9 290x id didn’t do much difference as the card has a huge 512 bit bus anyways.

are you using Afterbuner or manually?
What would be starting point and in what direction tweak should go?
So if Afterbuner used:
Core voltage what would be default and in what direction in + or minus?
Power limit?
Core clock: as i understood it should be between 1150 and 1250 more or less.

Memmory clock 2000? and should go up if stable?

thanks for any advice

Autolykos v2 is more memory intensive than ETH, to achieve best results on RX 500 series ETH Bios mod is recomended.