Help for AMD RADEON RX 560 4GB

Hi guys , i have 6x radeon rx 560 4gb. And i saw that is better to mine ERGO , and it gives 21MH/s
per GPU , can it go more than 21MH/s with any other configurations? Thank you a lot!

First of all, welcome to Ergo community!

I don’t own RX 560s but several websites report your hashrate could reach 26-30mh

Try to get your memories as high as possible without getting more than 1% of rejected shares and it should do, then fight for lowering the wattage without losing hashrate, it’s a matter of trial-error.

I found this recommended overclock for MSI afterburner:

Power Limit 0
Temp. Limit 90
Core Clock 1300
Memory Clock 2200
Fan Speed Auto 65

Hope it helps!

Which config is better to use , i am using simplemining ? Thanks a lot!