RTX 3070's not pulling over 129 MH/s

Heyo ladies and gents, i’ve been preparing to upgrade my ring from 6x3070 to 8x3070 and swap over to Ergo whenever Ethereum is not mineable anymore, my issue right now is that i need to figure out how to run OC’s on my Cards so they can mine Ergo decently. Ive seen people posting pictures with settings, ive chugged them in and the MH/s doisnt seem to change.

I’ve also seen videos and read about it on diffrent places that Ergo mines on the same OC as Ethereum does, but atm i cant see that working imo.

I’ve also seen people running 170+ mh/s on their cards and i can barley pull more than 130 mh/s

Any thoughts about that?

Rollback driver to 460.39, it worked wonders for all my NVIDIA cards.

ye i did that any the rig pushed up to 1gh/s :slight_smile: took some time but all cards pulled in 170+ mh/s

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Awesome! Happy mining.