Help with Rx 570 4 GB

Hello everybody !! i need your help with my gpus.

i have 5 Asrock RX 570 4gb with SK Hynix Memory.

I can’t get past 46 MH/S. The vBios is stock.

here I leave an image of my GPU configuration in Hiveos and the stock vbios

Try config: CORE 1100, VDD 790, MEM 1950 , It works for me with 57th/s.

Doesnt work for me, drops to 42MH/s

Any other idea ???

Core clk is too low.
Here is my tuning (so far being tested):

rx 570

You can read about Polaris tuning here for exemple:

Thank you very much, I got very good results modifying the memory timing with Polaris editor.

Now I’m mining at 67.5 MH / S (48% MORE) :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

Core 1275, VDDD 900 and 2100 MEM (100 W approx)

Here the results…

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Hola, puedes explicarme como lo lograste hacer tengo el mismo problema

Hi, that’s a really good rate, what mods did you make in Polaris editor?

Now I’m mining at 69.xx MH / S

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can you share OC settings

I just got 3 of these myself looking forward to similar results. What MOBO do you have?

Hello friends, I have a MSI rx570 4g (H5GQ4H24AJ HYNIX)
In stock vbios makes 43 MHs
With polaris patch 55 MHs
I can’t get to 69 MHs!
The weirdest thing is that if I raise the memory above 1750 the MHs starts to drop
I have a Sapphire 580 that if it gives me 70 … I am with windows and NBminer.

I also have a rx570 4g with a hynix memory. I was getting about 53 MH/s on stock vbios. I’m now getting 68.6 MH/s @ 62W with this PolarisBiosEditor

Thanks for the reply! Did you use the PRO version? with the free version it gives me 55mhs

This is how the memory times leave me (one click patch)


Make sure you’re using the newest polarisbioseditor, they have a one click patch that auto tunes the memory. As well check if you have enough power for the rx570 to go above 1750MHz. Last thing is your core clock speed matters in mining ergo, the higher the better unlike ETH

all 470,570 can go ~80 mh, all 480,580 can 82-85 mh…

570 4gb? or 570 8gb you mean

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4 gb @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@!.

Can you provide anything other than the claim? This is well above anything I have seen on these cards. Even just a pic of them running at those speeds if you don’t want to share your secrets.

try to overclock core