Future difficulty for miners

Can small fish with a few GPUs still expect to be profitable mining during this and the coming year or two?

Can someone shed a light on this based on the current success and where they see us headed?

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Is it the design of ergo networks which give reward linearly opposite to difficulty? In the last couple of days, ergo ATH surpassing ethereum, but quickly decline now. Shares are too low. How to predict this system’s profitability in the future?

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I’m at 0.15 ERG/day so I’ll have to throw the towel in the ring on this one.

Getting harder for 1 ergo, is time move to other coin

I feel this is a sad reality for anyone with small rigs…

The miners with Mega-rigs will just hop from altcoin to altcoin increase the difficulty and move on to the next altcoin.

My biggest fear is when EIP-1559 gets implemented and a flood of ETH miners start mining altcoins.

I also stopped mining ERG due to profitability.


2 rx570, now just waiting minimum payment than move other coin.

Thanks for confirming my suspicion, guys. All this talk about decentralisation and everything is still put in the hands of a few powerful players.

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What coin is more profitable? I check whattomine.com, in this moment ERGo is good choice.

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At this moment small fish need around 3 days to achieve minimum 1 ergo, and day by day the price keep drop like hell. Maybe if I can mine 1 ergo in 24hr I back mine again.

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where you exchange ERGo to BTC or other crypto?

Coinex is excellent, works great

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I’m using tradeogro, trading, than transfering to binance

now with 4 rx 570
still need around 1.5 days to reach 1 ergo, don’t know what happen in next week.

any solution for small fish getting food in this network?