ErgoPlatform Update 12.10.2019

"A lot of news already for this week (3.1.1, HotBit listing and AMA, video from Hong Kong etc), but we have more:

And now very important announcement:

  • development of a decentralized pool has been started! Please note Ergo does not allow centralized pools, but decentralized pools where miners generate block candidates on their own (which is important for resistance to censorship) and cooperate with the help of blockchain contract are actually possible. Some ideas were discussed on the forum: Creating an Ergo mining pool, and now lead developer of AMD mining software “mhs” started the pool development! So 2-3 months later Ergo will be friendly to small miners (currently you need for 30+ GPUs to see stable income). However, collateral will be needed for decentralized mining contract (better to have 130 Ergs at least, so about 2 block rewards, even if you’re a small miner), so better to buy Ergs for cheap and store them to mine later probably!"

Update from Alex Chepurnoy

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