Speeding up community-driven ecosystem development

Dear Ergo community,

With the recent explosion of the community, new devs coming, enthusiasts joining the core team etc. I think it is time to reorganize internal structures further towards decentralization, productivity, scaling development and marketing.

Thus I would like to propose following things.

  1. I am stopping accepting any payments or donations from Ergo Foundation or other entities for now. In case of need (to pay the bills) I will do a crowdfunding via ErgoFund. I will propose Ergo Foundation to pay to some new devs, marketing and bizdev volunteers instead.

  2. As emission reduction is starting from July, 1st, affecting Treasury part first, ErgoFund (crowdfunding platform on Ergo) should be accelerated. Thankfully, we have few more devs around to join, so we can develop ErgoFund in parallel with ErgoDEX.

  3. I propose to create a new community fund to bootstrap development of social tools, such as crowdfunding, interest-free loans, targeted financial aid, mutual credit systems etc. Like DarkFund0 (focused on privacy) it will be based on Zero-Knowledge Treasury. If you want to be in a committee of the fund, please let me know (in this thread). To participate, you need to run a node and also a ZKT client. I would be happy to donate some ERG to the fund!

My personal commitments are still the same: I am working full-time on Ergo protocol research and development, as well as ecosystem development till July, 1st, 2024 at least.


I would love to help spread the fire. I have experience creating online marketing funnels to attract high value commercial real estate investors and sell them commercial roofing. The platform I run ads on is through Facebook. Recently diving in the ergo hole has really inspired me on a mission.
Now my mission is going to be to launch an education campaign on how to to take your dollars and store it outside of the central Banks bc you know why. This will not be the narrative, this will be the result of showing the better yield they get on dollars when holding in stable coins and the freedom that comes with it.
Two target audiences, 1 is the gen pop. 2 is business so you can tab out at the bar by scanning a qr code and sending sigusd instead of giving ur card.


There is a golden rule in education, if a student doesnt pay for it, he is unlikely to take action and implement what he’s learned. Im thinking a $1000 charge will get you the onboarding crypto class( secret phrase storing logistic methods, and ultimately focusing solely on how/why to store wealth/send/receive in sigusd. The only objective goal is teaching move move usdfiat to sigusd. Nothing regarding speculation and buying btc and why they should buy any crypto. Core bones class. 1 action to learn.

Once they complete the class they’ll get a governance token. Once 100 members is reached, we’ll have the first votes on governance structure and start voting on how to spend budget to market the campaign.

Once they get their token, they get a second video. Describing the movement to fix the money fix the world and the importance of their role is. Strength in numbers.

I was thinking to make this whole thing “DAO/ non-profit” completely seperate from ergo & Iohk bc yall are already on the cutting edge. The program would inadvertently lead to ergo adoption.

I’ve been thinking how to do this on my own spit balling with glasglow on the sigusd discord. Motivated purely from the pain of feeling like there was nothing I could do to be the change I wanted to see im the world.

Discovering sigusd changed everything, this is as big as btc if not bigger(not saying ones better than the other just in sheer magnitude bc we now have the ability to hold trust less dollars…in the world reserve currency

I prefer critiques over complements. Thoughts on the sustainability of the structure? Current plan is to fund the ad spend for the first few sales out of my pocket. I love going to market and finding mass desires the reverse engineering ad copy and creating educational content.


Lots of platforms sorry. Post this on r/ergonauts and you should get decent feedback.

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