The Funding Issue for Ergo Foundation

I understand that Ergo is low on funds for marketing etc as it is highly decentralized.

I would like to propose that Ergo community set aside maybe 10M worth of ergo to start a OHM fork that uses ergo as the reserve. To then boost Ergo value and media.

This is my understanding and may have many errors. But after trying to understand these extreme APY offers on some projects this is what I see as useful. These can be used as fair distributions for tokens on ergo chain, to draw lots of attention and build marketcap and ecosystem value and keep the system backed by a portion so people don’t lose all their funds.

My current understanding is that Erg could be in the mix of tokens…

Otherwise people can just make this in the near future as community developers and still being more users in etc.

I think with KYA there can be no unsafe loses.

Is there something I am missing that is extremely risk or scammy about these projects? To me it seems like a glorified SigmaUSD focused on volatility with staking multipliers.

If you were to use something like this to boost the funding or at least marketcap so each erg goes further… Would that be considered scammy or ponzi by people? Ponzi needs a scale i thin because most things could be considered a ponzi scheme… Anyhow i look forward to hearing more about how this can be useful or if the code barrier or reputation are reasons to not do it.

This is a timestamped interview of this guy daniele talking about how he sees DAOs being used to source funding in the future.

I have been spreading the word about ERGO to some online stores that already accept Ethereum and other coins and some of them are interested. I’ll be pointing these stores towards some ERGO documentation. Some training might be required so it will give me a chance to use some test tokens. Since ERGO does not have much funding for marketing it can be useful if the community also does some promotion work.


I think Ergo Foundation is much better funded than many of us realize. They are just trying to budget resources in a responsible and sustainable way.

I expect to see noticable improvements w/ official marketing within the next few months. New website is being worked on now.


Maybe I should have directed this to the community, they could focus on more defi dapps like this that use Ergo as a locked backing asset and then use it for lending, devoted miners or something with legitimate purpose.

This could remedy the possibly too aggressive miner distribution schedule even if it gets soft forked.

The Ergo project and community should try to play the $value game in crypto because that is somewhat required to exist in crypto and get user/Developer etc. adoption.