We need more exchange

I am the founder of a community.I have thousands of little miners. I lead them in this project.We are Chinese.The existing exchanges are inconvenient for the Chinese.

I tinke we need more exchange. Just like binance okex huobi.


I agree with you, having ergo in known exchanges would make our gestions easier, but take in account once ergo gets accepted on Binance, the substantial increase of capitalization would lead to more miners, leading to more difficulty, making us mining less ergo.

I think that’s why some users want to delay the inclusion on big exchanges as much as possible, but that’s pure speculation from my side.

If helps, I believe ergo is going to get listed in 4 new exchanges soon, i don’t know which.

The recent popularity of this criptocurrency will make it being listed on big exchanges sooner or later, until then, HODL! :wink: