Ergo - Introduction video

Heya, I’m a big fan of the Ergo project and after reading whatever I can find on the project I realised it is missing a simple introduction video. Something to clearly explain features and intentions to a wide audience.

I lead a 3D team and have connections to 2D artists, and willing to help out.

Would the project leads be interested in the production of one?

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Not a team but I love this idea. If I were you I would go over to r/ergonauts on reddit. And make a raffle. Make it a small token amount if you don’t need the erg, but it will help you engage with the community if you don’t get answered here fast enough. (I think the core team of developers is still small (they’re hiring right now))

I think I’ll wait to see if the team wants such a thing. I know they are busy, so maybe won’t hear from them.

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Yo know dude, now that I think about it you could just make a video of the ergo manifesto. Many people are more interested in vision than technology. The average mid-level blockchain user these days is bombarded with information about transaction speeds, fees, etc. Might be kind of refreshing to make an “ergo vision” video.

I’ll throw you what ergs I can spare if you make something like that. I’d even help promote it on the Reddit.

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