Different hasrates with 3080 mostly +- 80mhs


is it normal that with the NBMiner i have changing hashrates of up to 80mhs.
Sometimes i have 250mhs then i got only 160 and so on everyminute it changes drastically.
Thanks for you help.

Your not alone. I have a 3070 running on win 10 with NBminer. I have seen the same variance. Where I go as high as 230mh and as low as 98mh. With an average 24 hr rate of 171mh

I also see the see with an RX 480 4gb. That averages 48mh over a 24hr period but I see where it goes down to 27mh then as high as 80mh.

I sometimes wonder if its not throttling due to heat.

One thing that I noticed helps is to unplug the HDMI cable when not in use…

If anyone has OC settings they can share for the 30 series that would be awesome.

try nanominer. I get 30% more shares. I run at 210 mhs without too much overclocking.

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.