RTX 3070 - only 45MH/s with nanominer on Windows10

Hi. I am new here.

I just bought an RTX 3070 and want to do some ERGO mining, but seems that I can get only 45MH/s maximum, instead of 145MH/s as I do see to others.

I am using “nanominer-windows-3.3.5-cuda11” om a Windows10 PC.

My “config.ini” file looks like this:


I don’t understand what I am doing wrong that I do get so low MH/s? Some help will be appreciated. Thank you.

I found a solution to jump from 45MH/s to 170MH/s by downgrading the Nvidia drivers to v457.09.

I had more success tuning my 3070 using the Nicehash OCTuner than with afterburner. It locks in core speed and nets lower power consumption.

So as a config-workaround I open Nicehash quickminer which sets the min/max card parameters I already had set there, but don’t mine with it. Just leave it open in the background while mining with another miner app.
The highest hash I was able to achieve was at 1650 core, max mem (8220 for me)
Max efficiency was around 1400 core, Max


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