A lot of rejected

Since yesterday I’m getting a lot of rejected on NBminer and Trex using Nicehash Legacy.
My 3 video cards are having rejects, I have a 3080 TI, 3070 and 3060 TI LHR.

“Invalid extranonce 2 size” error message

Anyone having the same problem and know how to solve?

the same here, nanominer, nicehash autolykos, low ratio since around 9:am 18 Aug.

just tick the other servers for pool, seems a bit better.

Facing the same issues on 2x RTX 3060Ti LHR MSI Gaming X using HiveOS, nicehash-autolykos, tried both using nanominer and NBMiner and switching servers… :worried: :worried:

Currently switched to nicehash-kawpow but nicehash-autolykos being the most profitable and energy efficient present days.

Any solutions yet?

Edit: Share ratio is fine with nanopool, so I believe it’s a problem at NiceHash side

not sure what happened, as i have 4 rigs mining Erg, 3 have issues all day, low ratio from 22%-80%. but the fourth has been around 95-97. 3 under the same account of Hiveos, fourth is with another accuont. same flight sheet.

Sad… I hope they fix it soon, it seems to be server issue with Nicehash.
How much are your hashrates on these 3060 TI LHR?

Well, I’m getting 130.x MH/s with Core 1305, Mem 1875 no power limit @ 111 - 116 W on my cards … Rig becomes unstable with higher mem clock

Well I’ve just switched my rigs to Autolykos again, it seems the issue has been resolved… Happy mining, cheers…


hi,i just have 2 Gigabyte 3060ti v2 on the way, may i ask normaly what hash rate you get from your MSI 3060ti LHR?

It seems to be okay now!

Hi, @BasaltMiner how is the hash rate for your Gigabyte 3060ti v2 ? I just ordered Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti GAMING OC PRO 8GB V3 LHR but I’m not sure how much has I will get 90mh or 125mh

You have to adjust your settings and not be aggressive. I had the same issue but played around with settings and it helped.