3060 Hashrate Limiter Bypased Still Lower Than Expected

Just bought 3060, sadly this is the new model and has a hashrate limiter. First plugged in, it ran at around 70MH. After bypassing the limiter with 407.05 driver. I made it to 103MH

However the average 3060 out there is doing 120-125MH.

my mobo doesnt have integrated graphic, 1 monitor is running with 3060 with HDMI. Any chance this affects the hashrate?
Here is my setting for 3060:

Any suggestion to boost it up to 120MH ?


Hello there!

I have a not LHR 3060 and I’m getting around 120 ~ 122 Mh.
It’s worth saying I’m using GPUs HDMI port to display video.
Give it a shot using these settings and let me know if it works on LHR cards.

Core clock: 0
Memory clock: +1300
Power limit: 58
Temp limit: 65
Fan Speed: 67 (use accordingly to your temps)

У меня было похожее. Сначала поменяй сам майнер. Нанопул дает меньше хешрейд. И вот какие настройки

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