Asus Tuf 3070 v2(LHR) low hashrate

Hi guys, I need big help.
I bought 12 of these and I cant pass 120mhs on any card. Tried smos and windows 10.
Is there any workaround or any driver that can help with low mhs issue?
Tried like 5 drivers on windows 10 and nothing helped.
On smos I tried 460.36 but I lt won’t work, so I am using 470.xx with newest smos.

Thx in advance.

Ya pudiste solucionar tú problema? Saludos!

I´m even worse with Zotac RTX 3070 LHR: Up to 140mhs stock but slowly drops to 86. Any other setting (I´ve been messing with this card for more then 8 hours now) will start with 79 to 92mhs and stay there forever. Tried Nanominer and NBminer. Kapow and Cryptonitgh are fine.

I have 3 zotac 3060ti twin edge with LHR v2, the most I can get is 116 mh/s, they crash if i push more than that.

did you figure this out? I know its like 6 months later… I have the one of those and I can get about 141MH/s