Yoroi Ergo Wallet Broken

Hey, I thought I’d try here. There’s threads all over the place about this issue, Reddit, Github, and of course here. The Yoroi wallet just stopped working for me on my mining wallet. I have read it is related to mining dust. Crashes, does not sync, out of memory error and can’t send anything off.

What I’ve tried:
-Edge, Chrome, Brave on PC and Mac. Restoring the wallet dozens of times get me my problem wallet.
-Setup the full node with same 15 word passphrase gets me another wallet. (Which I’m now using)
-Restored on the Android wallet, gets the same wallet on the node. Somehow Yoroi and Node/Android Wallet restore a different wallet.
-When I found out Yoroi would not work anymore, I changed the mining wallet to a new address - which works 100%.

I’m pretty invested in the platform: I mine it exclusively at 3GH/s, about to make NFTs with V2 AH, and have held SigUSD and SigRSV… I am behind the project. No FUD intended, this does concern me to not be able to access my tokens stuck in Yoroi. If it’s happening to me, I guess it is happening to others as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Update One of the devs replied to me stating the mining dust was a known issue after a certain number of transactions and is being worked on. My wallet had about 400 tranactions. They suggested I restore using the full node or android wallet.

As mentioned before, the full node and android app wallet restore gets me a different empty address. After continuing to try Yoroi on Edge, hoping it would sync through all the transactions before crashing, I tried the last wallet on the Ergo list - Viawallet.

To my surprise, the 15 word multiwalllet restore retrieved my correct Ergo wallet connected to Yoroi. I managed to send my tokens off to a new Ergo android app wallet.

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