3070 ti incredible hashrate will it burn?

I try to optimize my 3070ti, I mount memory frequency little by little (and after I will opti power level)

Now my memory is at +4100Mhz… I never see this… Do u think it’s safe to put this value?? Hashrate is at 191Mh/s now… :scream:

Thanks a lot

Greetings, Your card may not burn, but there is almost no benefit with the memory that high. It looks like you are spending twice the wattage, for an extra 20 mh/s. Try locking your core clock from 1050-1150. You may find that backing off the memory may be beneficial. For reference, I have a 4 year old Vega 56 that does 194 mh/s @ 150 watts. Your card is drawing as much as my 3090s. But they do 272 mh/s.

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Thanks a lot for your response.
Edit :

> I try to put core at 1150 but HR drop to 100MH/s
> Next I try to increment to get better.
> At this time I'm at core 1545 and memory at 2600 for 154W and HR at 172Mh/s 
> I lost 20Mh/s but win 90W, you think it's better like this if I understand?

forget this, after a reboot absolute core value are OK, and ~1100 core seem to get OK, I try different value now

Do you think I can optimize more? I search a good way to optimize but never found a good tuto for this

Thanks again

I think it’s better like this, what do you think about this oc config? Thanks a lot for your help

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I think you are ok here with your 3070ti. You just saved 90 watts on one card. Reducing the core may reduce the wattage, but the hashrate will eventually drop too. I usually like power savings, but max hashrate with power savings. You did very well. I’m glad you saved some power. You can read around the forums and find others that may have even more optimized settings.

Thanks again, I try to reduce the core but indeed hash drop too much…
Rentability is the same 94€/month for high hash / watt and 93€/month with other oc!
Thanks a lot for your help, and for save some power :slight_smile:
I will read other settings but I think it’s opti :wink:

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I prefer efficiency. For that I use 2 x msi gaming trio 3070ti with PL 55(165-175W), core -500 mem +1200 with 178.3 hr with ctemp max 45, mTemp max 72