3060/3070/3080 LHR ERGO Bypass

Hey guys how it’s going?

Such Sad to see the cards getting nerfed for mining.

But don’t worry, i actually found out a bypass.

Im planning to release it, but i might ask for a couple of donation if there is no issue.

ATM im trying to confirm it 100% stable.

Will update with news later!


did you have any success? Max i can get on my lhr 3060 ti is 130 mhs

There currently is not any bypass. However, if you go after efficiency, you can easily get:
RTX 3060 LHR V2:
103 MH/s at 78 watts
109 MH/s at 99 watts

RTX 3070 LHR:
135 MH/s at 89 watts

So, not the same speed as the non-LHR, but nice efficiency.

how do you get 135 mh/s 89w with rtx 3070? I got tuf 3070 v2 lhr its 95-99 around

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@okay27 check these videos:

The RTX 3060 LHR V2 mining ERGO:

The RTX 3070 LHR mining ERGO:

Note that if your GPU is connected to a display, the hashrate will drop but come back up as soon as the display goes into sleep mode.

Try this Release NBMiner v39.5 · NebuTech/NBMiner · GitHub

RTX 3060 ti LHR , get the same results

Just got 224.5 mh/s on my Gainward Phantom GS 3080 LHR @ 249 Watts
No rejects since start

OC : +0 core / +1350 mem / 78% power