Yoroi extension will not load

I’ve tried countless times to restore my wallet in edge, firefox, and chrome. version 4.9.4… when the app launches it just spins then then after 15min times out and gives out of memory error… I just want to get my ergo off this wallet… this is for my ergo wallet not ada

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  1. for anyone with Yoroi and it not working with your ERGO wallet. I found a fix tonight. I wannted to let ppl know i fixed this for me. I found place to download version 4.7.4 and dropped that .crx file into chrome restored the wallet and boom fixed! (edited)

  2. [ 8:51 PM ]

after some time letting it sync my wallet slowly restored


I am facing same issue. I had yoroi wallet on mozilla extension. It wasnt working and I uninstalled it. Post unistallation when I try to restore it’s not working. Please help me