It seems dust mining should be the no.1 top priority to be fixed?

It seems that this is a common recurring issue for ERGO miners. After some time accumulating transactions paid from miner pools, ERGO wallet breaks.

I myself uses Yoroi wallet, which accumulated quite a number of transactions, and it was getting slower and slower, up to the point I think I can’t open it anymore without it seemed to crash my Firefox.

I saw on some other forums people recommended restoring the wallet on Brave or Chrome. I tried and issue persisted.

At first I thought this is a Yoroi issue. But then I read that Kushti apparently warned that if you mine to an exchange wallet. It can break as that wallet as well, so this is not a Yoroi issue anymore.

It seems to me that this issue should be some of the top priorities at the moment, if not the top most priority?

If not, what do you advise to people whose wallets have been broken due to mining?

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It will be interesting to see what happens about this issue I have not faced any issues with Yori Wallet yet but I have not accumulated enough transactions yet to have any issue. I thought the warning for exchange wallets was for the safety as there’s always fear that exchange might get hacked and a lot of them don’t have their shit together, I am using Yori Wallet in Firefox and will report any issues forward.

Starting from above 100 transactions I began to encounter slowdown. Some other people on other forums reported 200 transactions and it crashed their Yoroi.

Maybe try using Yoroi wallet nightly, development is still active and using the Alpha might actually work better than the release.

I think it is yoroi only problem, the warning about other exchanges was just about safety and caution of avoiding centralized exchange wallet.

Maybe use a real full node wallet, or try upgrading one’s browser to the latest version and then using Yoroi nightly version plugin to see if that improves performance.

Try to send “all assets” to one adress.

Hmm, okay I’ll try that out.