Wallet UI displaying incorrect amount

I was checking in on my mining rewards and noticed that the last payment was visible on the explorer but not on the wallet UI. Payment was on 4/30/21. Is there anything I can do on my end to fix?

I also received a payment from the pool for the full node wallet and still does not show my balance on the UI

try to remove .ergo/.ergo/wallet folder and reinit node

dont work, i lost my ERG,ergo full node wallet is a trash wallet

give me address from your wallet

you can also write seed into yoroi.

how do I do that, how to transfer the wallet?

I didn’t lose anything in the wallet. I restored and it was fixed . But nothing ever left my wallet

ok i will try to restore, what version are you using?

I originally started with 4.0.8 and then I tried to update to 4.0.10 the day it was release but it had issues so I ended up just going back to 4.0.8.

First of all, provide /info ( and/or panel output.