ERG balance missing - restored wallet in IOs

Hi Ergonauts. Posted this on reddit too (scammers flooded my dms):

I was suddenly logged out of my browser extension and decided to restore my wallets on my phone instead (wanted to but as I was logged out figured why not do it now). I successfully restored my ada wallet and balance. Next up was ergo and I filled in the 15 words. It now detects it as a ‘shelley’ wallet with 0 ada balance. Of course, because this wallet should contain ERG.

Can someone please help me? Kind of freaking out rn. I saw on the yoroi home screen ‘wallet for ergo and ada’ and didnt see any option to add ERG wallet, so I figured id enter the 15 words and it would automatically detect which one. Please let me know what to do. Shall I just add them to chrome? Thanks in advance.

If I go to the ‘send’ tab I can still only select ada not ERG.

Can I try and restore the ergo wallet in yoroi chrome? My bigest fear is that my ergo balance was ‘overridden’ or something. I know the seed words are correct. It was a significant amount of erg. I also opened a ticket with Emurgo via the website.

Seems to be major problems which they are not telling people about. I am in a similar boat, cant sync my Chrome browser extn and the Android app does not sync. I dont see any of my coins. I wish they would send out an alert of something but no they seem to just leave people to sweat. I have no idea if they are even bothering to look at it.

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I still have the same problem.
Today 12/01/2022

ERG isn’t on mobile Yoroi - use desktop or the mobile wallets made by ergo.

Yoroi is built by Emurgo but they pushed a fix for this yesterday - the Ergo Android App should work fine, you probably need to derive more addresses (Click wallet → cog → derive addresses)

What issue are you having?