Wallet has zero balance

I don’t know if actually someone has figured it out. I had restored the wallet using the 15 word mnemonic phrase, run full node using 2 different versions (4.05 and 4.13)
I get the same address and when I go to the explorer, I can see the balance. However, always shows zero balance in dashboard and in swagger. Synchronized a couple of times and waited a few days to get the the current heights on both versions, removed the contents under .ergo/wallet and still is zero balance. Using Yoroi in y phone using the recovery method also shows zero balance. I just want to exchange the little bit I have there and if all works, continue mining. This is a very common situation and still, I haven’t found solutions. I’m afraid this is what makes all the people that I know abandon the project, is very frustrating. Please, point me to the right direction