Good Whale's Grant Fund

One whale approached me recently expressing desire to support research & development in the Ergo ecosystem. I expressed some topics of interest, and the whale was keen to support them.

Please note that DarkFund0 still has more than 4K ERG for privacy-preserving applications, and Ergo Foundation always waiting for grant proposals of any kind.
This is just another fund to help with Ergo ecosystem bootstrapping.

Good whale’s fund is mostly interested in following topics:

  • developing a standard for NiPoPoW-based certificates for NFTs (and not only)

  • developing contracts and UI for Ergo Name System (alternative for Namecoin, Handshake, Ethereum Name Service)

  • developing applications on top of ErgoDEX, such as DexyUSD Dexy USD - Simplest Stablecoin Design , tokensales with buyback guarantees New Ergo Smart DEX Orders with buyback guarantees | Ergo etc

  • developing standard DeFi stack: lending applications, financial instruments (futures, options), etc

  • Mixicles and other private DeFi applications

  • Mutual credit systems, targeted microloans, savings cooperatives and other community-powering DeFi

but you are free to propose your topic!

Up to $20K per grant!

Please note that a grant is not a contract job, so you will control products created and income flows associated!

Please send your proposals to