Core developer kushti is leaving Ergo Foundation

Ergo was launched back in July 2019 by just a group of developers, with group communications happening over private slack, no marketing etc. To make social structures around Ergo more open, transparent and active, I did push for some changes around late 2019, namely, setting up public Discord instead of private Slack, and also setting up Ergo Foundation for more transparent decision-making.

I think the current moment is a bit similar, just on another level. With recent progress with DAO tooling (Paideia), Gold Cooperative building which is going quite well, awesome community initiatives such as GreasyCEX and Kraken listing initiative, I think, now is the proper time to accelerate building of more decentralized and trasparent-by-construction social structures. In particular, I am considering DAOs for core and infrastructure development as well.

And so I am leaving Ergo Foundation to be fully concentrated on more decentralized power structures.



Thank you for all you have done to make the EF an open and available organization, with a brilliant group of members that demonstrate those values.

Thanks to you, and all of the EF, for continuing to explore how our community can grow by showing the utility of Ergo. And in spite of the bear market, our community is getting stronger all the time.

It shows true spirit to leave when everything is going so well, as so many other prominent founders would just rest on their laurels. I have full confidence in the team you leave in charge of the mission. And I can’t wait to see your ideas for decentralizing power.

Bravo, kushti.


God speed Kushti, onward. Thank you.



Glad to see you taking a role in Ergo that you’re more naturally suited for. I hope you stick around Ergo for as long as you’re active in the crypto space. This whole project is your brain child. Currently the foundation for a next generation blockchain is laid and core protocol development promises have been met (still can’t believe how fast a node can sync!). However, there’s still much to be proven about the real-world usefulness of Ergo. I look forward to seeing DAO development and scalability advancements.

In particular I’m interested in seeing just how fast a sidechain can be made. I watched your recent Ergo Summit video on sidechains and had an “ah ha” moment for why it makes sense for Ergo to be PoW. Ergo can have all of the benefits of Proof of Stake through sidechains, but none of the drawbacks by emitting coins through PoW.


I don’t understand. After leaving you are continue devoloping and supporting Decentralized Ergo or not? @kushti