Reddit Strategy

Reddit is a vast platform with a wide variety of communities, or “subreddits,” that cover a wide range of topics.

Marketing on Reddit can be a great way to reach a highly engaged and targeted audience. However, it’s important to approach it in the right way to avoid being flagged as spam or causing negative reactions from the community. Research your target subreddit:

  • Before you start posting, take some time to research the subreddit where you want to market your product or service. Look at popular content types, and get a sense of the community’s values and preferences.
  • Be a part of the community: Before you start promoting your product or service, it’s important to become a part of the community. Start by engaging with other users and contributing valuable content to the subreddit. This will help you build trust and credibility with the community.
  • Choose the right format: Reddit offers a variety of post formats, including text posts, link posts, and image/video posts. Choose the format that best fits your content and will most likely resonate with your target audience. Use eye-catching headlines: The headline is the first thing people will see when they come across your post. Make sure it’s attention-grabbing and accurately reflects the content of your post while not being too extreme.
  • Once your post is live, be sure to respond to any comments or questions in a friendly manner.

:warning: Reddit generally is highly skeptical of ‘shilling’, and people are usually hostile to projects they aren’t already invested in. In the External section below, there is an overview of relevant subreddits.

They also have strict rules on brigading, meaning you shouldn’t link or encourage people to post in any active discussions on external subreddits.


External Subreddits

Please respect the moderation rules of the subreddits listed below. The main gripe subreddits have is ‘brigading’; which is, sharing a link to their subreddit, and then lots of people from one place flood it and change the narrative, upvote downvote people, etc.

To avoid any conflict please follow these best practices.

  1. Upvote good discussions and responses, whether you agree with them or not.
  2. Downvote is not the disagree button.
  3. Create good, organic discussion and original content.
Subreddit Members Moderation
r/cryptocurrency ~5M Strict Moderation. Even innocent sharing of links/discussion often results in removal of the post with bans also being common.
r/cryptography ~50K Friendly providing its highly technical + related to cryptography.
r/CryptoMarkets ~1M
r/CryptoTechnology ~350K
/r/CryptoCurrencies ~300K Higher quality news
r/altcoin ~200K
r/DeFi ~100K
r/cryptodevs ~12K Should be no issues providing it fits the subreddit description.
r/BTC ~1M liberal r/Bitcoin (Bitcoin-Cash focused)
r/cryptoleftists/ ~7K No automod on new-posts. Welcoming to high-quality stuff
r/cypherpunks/ ~2K All posts moderated manually.

All I know is don’t go to r/bitcoin and speak the plain truth.


added r/cryptoleftists/ and r/cypherpunks to the OP. Both are pretty small but probably have some good people on them. r/cryptoleftists will upvote Ergo stuff usually if it’s related (Manifesto, social good dApps). r/cypherpunk don’t seem to want to approve my post about the Cypherpunk hackathon :person_facepalming:


Stumbled on these, small but worth noting.


Would the devs consider making a community token like “BAT” but distributed to people who successfully market? is doing something like that I believe but not opposed to the Sigmanauts doing something similar. Think if done properly it could be a key component to viral growth.

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Yes definitely something to look into. For now is there a marketing manager or anything available to reward people who market?

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@Setvin @glasgowm We should utilize the power of EUTXO. A marketing group could reward a token to many addresses for relatively cheap. So something like an advertising token could be easily distributed.

The marketing token should have a couple of attributes:
1.) Pumpenomics. The token should have some mechanism to generate value for holders. This can be achieved through deflationary tokenomics (burning mechanism), a staking system, or perhaps the promise of future airdrops for tokenholders. I know we are not trying to be moonbois, but with something like a marketing token we should take liberties to leverage our efforts.
2.) An effective web interface. A webpage to show statistics and interface with Ergo using the marketing token.
3.) An ecosystem. Ways to use the marketing token to interact with Ergo.

We can take inspiration from XEN. It’s a token that’s created for free on Ethereum. Any Eth wallet can obtain XEN simply by paying a transaction fee. XEN can then be burned for DBXEN. DBXEN can be staked for return or burned for XLON. XLON is just a meme token without further utility yet.
Example of webpage and marketing token inspiration


Good thoughts. Have a look at Kushti’s latest post…

The way I see it, a lot of the social media participation is garbage. The latest post at r/cc (6+M subs) is an example: they block when they learn that it goes against the mods opinions, which are pro-ETH/L2 bullshit. They accuse us of infiltrating, because they think that their understanding is what represents “decentralization”. It would be funny, until you realize how pernicious ETH maxis are.

Honestly, our best hope is probably to rope in the BTC maxi’s and get them to realize what is wrong with latching onto an aggressively immutable governances model in the context of a focused attack from the old system… if you cant make a medium of exchange, you lose due to rehypothecation. Simple. That is where we are going.

The Ergo platform makes a medium of xchange is several different ways. Here is the latest: Auction Coin - auction-based emission and Degen Finance autonomous machine

1 Like seems to be picking up some steam in light of the Reddit dramas