Twitter Strategy


  • Build Ergo social presence and engagement on Twitter

Outreach Strategy

  • Like & respond to threads that spawn from the Ergo Platform & Foundation Twitter. Reply with a question or two, create a conversation around the topic.
  • Tweet regularly.
  • Many Ergo community members are posting great content with little engagement. In addition to liking and retweeting, reply to create conversation. This can be an opportunity to clarify the subject matter or expand knowledge for others.
  • Host and participate in regular Twitter Spaces
  • Content
    • Short videos
    • GIFS
    • Tweet storms explaining high-level concepts
    • Graphics (visual media is much more engaging than text-only tweets)
  • Updating community on ecosystem growth
  • Promoting social aspect (Raffles, smart-pools, regional communities)
  • Privacy communities: CCX,
  • UTXO Alliance: ADA, CKB, etc.
  • Find influencers you care about, follow them - Every time they tweet, think of something useful to say and add it as a reply to their tweet as fast as you can. Don’t link or do anything spammy, just say something interesting
  • Engage in conversations outside of our bubble. Once again, don’t link or do anything spammy, just say something interesting. Even some light-hearted banter
  • Targeting the mining communities to bring more awareness about
    • governing the protocol
    • change fees, block size etc
    • Smart pools. Transparent and decentralised smart contract mining pools with the ability to cast votes, mine tokens etc



  • Twitter Analytics
  • TweepsMap
  • MentionMapp
  • Panoply
  • Hootsuite
  • Union Metrics
  • Followerwonk
  • Keyhole
  • Brand24
  • Tweet Binder
  • Sprout Social
  • Brandwatch


#ergonauts most popular
#nfte As #enft is taken by eth




  • #Cryptocurrency
  • #CryptoTwitter
  • #eUTxO

Navigating Twitter

Searching Twitter is notoriously useless.


Ergo Core


Ergo Community

Twitter URL

Notable influencers


Don’t forget about the Twitter community :handshake:


Some more potential contacts

Name Link Followers Category
Route 2 FI Route2FI 271,000 Crypto
Edgy - The DeFi Edge TheDeFiEdge 239,000 DeFi
DeFi Dad ⟠ defidad.eth DeFi_Dad 150,000 DeFi
kain.eth kaiynne 116,700 DeFI
Caff ChadCaff 81,100 DeFi
Cyril - DeFi cyrilXBT 66,900 DeFI
Princess defiprincess_ 67,400 DeFi
Small Cap Scientist SmallCapScience 66,600 DeFI
hoeem crypthoem 62,400 Crypto
Defi_Mochi (mochi, mochi) defi_mochi 54,400 DeFi
The DeFi Investor TheDeFinvestor 52,300 DeFi
CryptoCondom crypto_condom 52,300 DeFi
Ignas DefiIgnas 45,600 DeFi
Defi_Maestro ✺ Defi_Maestro 42,800 DeFI
Louis Cooper LouisCooper_ 40,600 DeFi
Viktor DeFi ViktorDefi 32,600 DeFi
Minty DeFiMinty 31,900 DeFI
Grills (¤,¤) CryptoGrills 32,700 Frax
Barry Fried BarryFried1 31,400 DeFi
DeFi Made Here DeFi_Made_Here 26,800 DeFi
The Daily Degen thedailydegenhq 25,200 DeFI
DeFi Cheetah DeFi_Cheetah 23,600 DeFi
DefiMoon DefiMoon 19,500 Curve
Crypto Andrew Crypt0_Andrew 11,400 DeFI
DeFi Dave (¤,¤) DeFiDave22 8,977 DeFi
Fiddy bout3fiddy 4,034 Curve
MoonFrog $CRV Booster ve() CFrogE1 4,926 Curve
FlywheelDeFi.eth FlywheelDeFi 3,733 DeFi
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