Marketing Machine Rework

Initially Ergo team was about techies disconnected from the (sometimes sad) reality of the cryptocurrency world. After the mainnet launch in the middle of the cryptowinter (2019) it caused a long and painful depression in regards with recognition, exchanges listings, and so on. That time was used for building basic infrastructure though (libraries, stable node wallet and explorer, improved node API, first applications, some documentation).

Later on, we had a lot of awesome folks coming to the community and doing great things. Ergo Foundation started to reward most significant efforts.

However, with recent community explosion (active community core like doubled in size since Ergo Summit) things got a bit chaotic.

Thus Ergo Foundation now has marketing secretary Angie Har. She worked for Coin Telegraph previously, managing a team there. So we have the following marketing structure:

  • public community based marketing groups (like Telegram: Contact @ErgoSocials ), please join and help to spread the word!

  • closed groups, with most active folks (usually, invited from public groups), where announces are prepared.

  • Angie Har coordinating the marketing efforts, and EF concentrating on ecosystem development and completing the roadmap.


Great! Welcome Angie!

I think Angie is joining at the perfect time too. Not only are we at the early stage of a crypto bull market, but Ergo just launched it’s stable coin, a key infrastructure for smart contracts and defi. Now it’s time to get the word out so that Ergo starts to get the attention it deserves.