Fediverse Strategy

Logging back into my old mastodon account, there’s a decent amount of activity and users building up.

Many of them are software developers, business leaders or other professionals who are still engageable without the noise of the hundreds of millions of users on Twitter drowning any good-faith discussion out generally.

There are also lots of crypto critics on Mastodon. Not one to shy away from a debate, it’s an easy way to engage with prominent critics, and learn from the mistakes of other cryptocurrencies. A list is given below.

Getting Started

  • Sign up for an account, you can change the drop-downs here to select ‘Public Organization’ legal structure and ‘Instant’ sign-up speed.
  • moa.party lets you bridge your Twitter<>Mastodon easily. I recommend not bridging RTs/QTs
  • fedi.directory has some tips for getting started on Mastodon, as well as some categorised accounts to follow.

The search on mastodon is purposefully bad (for privacy). Best way to find stuff is to add hashtags to your Home feed, and then jump on any related discussions that pop up!


Hashtag Information
#crypto Most active
#cryptocurrency Most active


Some interesting servers found, you can search for more here

Server Active Users Description
cryptodon.lol/ 1.6K A mastodon server for the crypto community, with easy to follow rules and community-focused moderation and maintenance.
infosec.exchange 32K A Mastodon instance for info/cyber security-minded people.
bitcoinhackers.org/ 1K Crypto means Cryptography. The only blockchain is a chain of Bitcoin blocks.


Please respond to this thread to be added to the list!

Name/Info Direct URL Searchable Mastodon Name
Glasgow Glasgow (@unomie@mastodon.social) - Mastodon unomie@mastodon.social

Crypto ‘Critics’

Twitter is actively censoring Mastodon references on its platform. So much for free speech. There are also reports of journalists being denied access. Let’s publish a master list of Mastodon addresses of relevant people and crypto skeptics here.

Name/Info Direct URL Searchable Mastodon Name
Adam Smith (American Scream) Adam R. Smith (AmericanScream) (@AmericanScream@mastodon.social) - Mastodon AmericanScream@mastodon.social
Bennett Tomlin Bennett Tomlin (@BennettTomlin@mstdn.social) - Mastodon 🐘 BennettTomlin@mstdn.social
Colorado Travis Travis (@coloradotravis@mastodon.cloud) - mastodon.cloud coloradotravis@mastodon.cloud
David Gerard https://circumstances.run/@davidgerard davidgerard@circumstances.run
David Golumbia David Golumbia (@dgolumbia@mastodon.world) - Mastodon dgolumbia@mastodon.world
Digiconomist Digiconomist (@digiconomist@mastodon.nl) - Mastodon.nl digiconomist@mastodon.nl
Domingo Flores https://mastodon.clous/@somingo domingo@mastodon.cloud
Frances Coppola Frances Coppola :verified: (@Frances_Coppola@econtwitter.net) - EconTwitter Frances_Coppola@econtwitter.net
Franck Leroy Franck Leroy (@FranckLeroy@mastodon.online) - Mastodon FranckLeroy@mastodon.online
Intel Jakal Jakal (@intel_jakal@mastodon.cloud) - mastodon.cloud intel_jakal@mastodon.cloud
Jack Sweeney (Elon Jet Tracker) Jack Sweeney (@JxckS@mastodon.social) - Mastodon JxckS@mastodon.social
Jorge Stolfi Jorge Stolfi (@JorgeStolfi@mas.to) - mas.to JorgeStolfi@mas.to
Matt Binder Matt Binder (@MattBinder@mastodon.social) - Mastodon MattBinder@mastodon.social
Matt Levine Matt Levine (@matt_levine@mastodon.social) - Mastodon matt_levine@mastodon.social
Micah Warren Micah Warren (@micah@indieweb.social) - Indieweb.Social micah@indieweb.social
Michel de Cryptadamus ⚯ Michel de Cryptadamus ⚯ (@cryptadamist@universeodon.com) - Universeodon Social Media cryptadamist@universeodon.com
Molly White Molly White (@molly0xfff@hachyderm.io) - Hachyderm.io molly0xfff@hachyderm.io
Nick Weaver https://thecooltable.wtf/@ncweaver ncweaver@thecooltable.wtf
Web3 is going great web3 is going just great (@web3isgreat@indieweb.social) - Indieweb.Social web3isgreat@indieweb.social


Still feeling my way around Mastodon. Plan to set up an Ergo account and bridge it from Twitter, and would be good to get more ergonauts over there!

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I’ve been meaning to branch out into other platforms and have been hearing a lot on Mastodon lately, so I’ll give it a shot. Twitter has been feeling rather echo-chamber lately (or moreso).

Any Matrix strategy or not really enough users yet?

Yep - will stick up a thread for that soon!

But we have a public space up you can join in the meantime at #ergo-platform:matrix.org

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Cross-posting this as it’s also in the fediverse

These are great directives and resources you have posted. I would love to be one to follow up on some of these leads. I have a long history of “sales” so think would be good about marketing.

Looks like the fediverse is finally starting to take shape:

https://bsky.app/ is open for registrations now, they’re federating soon (~2wks).

Will rename this topic to ‘Fediverse Strategy’ as it looks like they’ll be interoperable.

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Verified @ergoplatform.org as the handle for the main account. It can be found here: @ergoplatform.org on Bluesky

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Mastodon only has ~10M users at the moment, but with Threads (100M) and bsky (5M) compatibility on the horizon the fediverse could become a real competitor to Twitter overnight.



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