Radeon vii overclock settings, examples, etc

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Can u give mi hints for radeon vii overclock , undervolt …etc settings ?

Thanks !

I can achieve 178 mhs - core 1730 , mem 700.
If i rise mem , even to 1000 - nothing , no rising hahsrate.
i do not use mem straps.

Give me some tips , please !

178MH/s ain’t bad at that clock.

I use core 1800, mem 1200… typically get 190MHz at 215W.

Many thanks for an answer !

Can u just try to reduce the mem to 700 ?
I think that hashrate will be the same.

In one word i want to say , that ergo alg is not memory dependent.And in that case u will preserve memory , and may be some vattage.

U use some mem straps ?

Did u try r-mode ?

Look :

Currently the VII is in a windows box, but I am working on another HiveOS rig…

Ok, i just want to share.
First touch and impressions i have with radeon vii.

Because of this is this thread

Did you see this thread:

I am in R-mode now with 3 radeon vii… 203 mh.
Thanks !

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