Radeon VII - 200+Mh/s - Team Red Miner Tuning Guide

Hello, I manged to figure out how to get mode C of Team Red Miner to work which fully utilizes the 16GB of VRAM on the Radeon VIIs. Doing this unlocks the potential of getting hash rates of 200+Mh/s while ERGO mining with Radeon VIIs. Please note that by doing this sometimes hash rates on non-VII cards are slightly reduced. I found all of this info in the Team Red Miner tuning guide. To get C mode running, follow this guide, but use the clock settings starting on line 199 of the tuning guide as the ones in the guide are for Ethash.

My personal settings are:

  • Core Clock: 1650MHz
  • VDDC: 925mV
  • Memory Clock: 801MHz

My personal mining results:

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An absolute monster of a card. Well Done.


Why only 202mh in rc mod in trm? How you get 220?

Damn, what a result!
A shame that my Radeon VII died :frowning: