Low Hashrate on 3060 Ti LHR

Hi all,

I am very new to mining and having a problem with my GPU setting for Ergo. I have seen people achieve 170 MH/s at 130W on 3060 Ti with this setting:
Core Clock -300
Mem Clock +1300
PL 65%

However, I am stuck at 90 MH/s at 130W with the same setting. I understand that LHR only applies to ETH and ETC mining, but not anything else, right? I don’t know what I am doing wrong here.

My system
CPU: Intel core i7-11700K
MB: Gigabyte Z590 Aorus Pro AX
GPU: Gigabyte Geforece RTX 3060 Ti Eagle (LHR)
OS: Win 10 64-bit
Pool: Nanopool

Thank you!!

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I have the same issue :frowning:

I have same issue. But My setting can achieve 137Mhs

@jjweng, @TranLinh - are your cards also “Gigabyte Eagle LHR”?

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try using NVIDIA unlocked hashrate beta driver 470.05, i used that with my RTXs 3060 (not ti), if that dont works try using hiveos using lolminer 1.31 that have hashrate semi unlocker for LHR GPUs

same issue here with asus 3060ti-mini LHR…only get 132MH/s on 466.77 driver

the 470.05 driver won’t work on V2 LHR chips…

any help? I see 3070Ti LHR could achieve 180MH/s on ERGO with no limits…

i’m on the same boat. max 132mhs, driver 470
what memory type you guys have?

Mine is Hynix…I think it is the LHR issue

Btw how do you manage to install 470 driver on LHR 3060Ti?

same hynix. i can only set max memory speed up until 7800mhz. above this will crash.

beta driver from this ppa, so far 470 the most stable in my setup.

Oh I thought it’s windows 10 version!

Gigabyte Geforece RTX 3060 Ti Eagle (LHR)
HiveOS, N 465.31, nbminer 38.1
900 2700 125 (99-106w)

Have you tried the 470.05 driver? Does it help?

Similar hash rate here for Samsung memory, only getting around 137 Mhs with core clock -625, memory clock +1350 and PL 112W. Has anyone tried the curve settings on afterburner?

With this settings i get around 140 Mh/s but drop to 127 and work stable on that hash.

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please can anyone help withn rtx 3060 for mining…drop me from 46mhz to 23 mhz
i have 470.05 ang dummy

whats best driver for 3060 ti LHR then? my card can reach 133MHs first, then the speed drop between 70-90MHs if I dont use my PC. Or should I change to PCIe3 / turn off the resizeable BAR / put the hdmi dongle on? help guys

Hi to all, i have 3 3060ti LHR, zotac twin edge to be exactly. Everytime I do some set up at the msi after burner it’s ok, but if I run the Nb miner, it give me error and automatically set the cards to default.
Same when using nicehash quickminer. This card just work with default settings. any help how to set them up

I have this values.

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Which OC settings do you make use of for 3060ti?

around 130-135 better… different setting with samsung and hyrix